About Us

The dream of MAIDEN has been a 10 year path that truly started out of a childhood love for nature, beauty, and mixing things together in the bathroom sink and calling them potions.  During my first year in college my mother and father were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time and it was a devastating hit for our family. I was also expecting my first daughter and those two things brought me to a path of researching ways to nourish my body and those I loved with clean, wholesome, non-toxic ingredients. I started researching more about the toxins in our environment and quickly became horrified at how many everyday products we use are making us sick, causing cancer, and affecting our fertility. As my second daughter was born I started to realize that I wanted better for my daughters, for myself, and for all women. I have spent the past many years now researching and testing ingredients and formulations, with the desire to help women not only have safe products for themselves but also for the women in their lives. MAIDEN is truly a labor of love with a mission to support and uplift women's dignity!


With love,
Founder of MAIDEN